About MinimLA & Laura Lee

Laura Lee launched Nudie Patootie in 2020 to express her sense of fashion and style, with the goal of inspiring others to join her on her fashion journey.

Nudie Patootie is a curated clothing boutique that offers contemporary, chic, simple and fun fashion and accessories, all of them hand-picked by Laura Lee. Apparel options include lounge wear, flannels, tank tops, sweaters, pants, jackets, dresses, plus size and more. Accessories include earrings, hats, slippers and more.

Laura Lee loves to engage with her followers about fashion, giving them an opportunity to provide input as the community and the brand grows.

Nudie Patootie regularly drops new lovable fashion lines, and later this year will include apparel completely designed by Laura Lee herself.

Nudie Patootie is the second retail brand created by Laura Lee, following the 2017 launch of cosmetics brand Laura Lee Los Angeles. The cosmetic brand’s popular Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette was the inspiration for the name of her fashion brand.

Laura Lee Los Angeles offers amazing high-quality lovable products, including eyeshadow, eyeshadow palette, liquid lipstick, highlighter, brushes, bundles and more.

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