MinimLA stands for our delicate touch to minimalism. It's youthful, believes beauty comes in all shapes & sizes, and is uncomplicated.


MinimLA is a curated clothing and lifestyle boutique that offers contemporary, simple and chic fashion and accessories and body skincare products hand-chosen and developed by Laura Lee.

MinimLA is an extension of Laura Lee. For years she has been inspired by fashion and her audience and has inspired other's style. MinimLA makes trends approachable. MinimLA hopes to inspire you to find joy in your personal style.

From refined essentials to curated on-trend statement pieces, we make minimal approachable.

Our Founder

Laura Lee

Laura Lee is a YouTuber, business owner, and co-host of the popular podcast Fool Coverage, and so much more. Laura Lee began her career as a make-up YouTuber in 2013, posting make-up tutorials, hacks and product reviews. She has been honored to have collaborated with brands such as Benefit, Too Faced, MAC Cosmetics, and more.

9 years and over 4.85M+ followers later, Laura is the owner of two self-funded brands, still has a love for make-up and has expanded into lifestyle and fashion.

In 2017, Laura founded her cosmetic brand Laura Lee Los Angeles, followed by the launch of her second company, Nudie Patootie. In 2022, Nudie Patootie transitioned into MinimLA.

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